Grocery Shopping

Something so simple but so important. Back in college a mentor of mine actually took me grocery shopping so that I would learn how to do it on my own. Before that trip, grocery shopping sort of had a blank check tied to it. I would just pick up whatever sounded good on that day, toss it in the cart and head for the register.

The average person spends over $200 every month in groceries. This really adds up quickly and can be a huge source of wasted funds if you aren’t careful. Below are some tricks to grocery shop like an adult:

1. Figure out what you want to eat that week and make a list.

2. Once the list is made, remember the list when you get to the store!

3. Don’t go to the grocery store when you are hungry, you always spend more.

4. Look at the price per unit, not the total price. This is telling you the true cost to what you are receiving.

5. Always look for your favorites when shopping and when they are on sale, stock up.

6. Clip coupons (or use digital ones) and keep them all together to save some money.

7. Make one or two big meals for the week. Eat some, have some leftovers and throw the rest in the freezer for later.

8. Use a system that you order ahead and pick up (or have delivered), this eliminates wasted time and keeps you from browsing and buying extras.

Big Idea:

Plan out your weekly grocery shopping