Adulting 101 is a must-read book for anyone, whether they are just entering the “real world” or have been in it for decades. The timeless principles shared by Josh and Pete will have you referencing the book for years to come.

Author, Communicator, and Founder of North Point Ministries

I love meeting young leaders who are eager to change the world. In their new book Adulting 101 Josh Burnette and Pete Hardesty provide a much needed practical guide for the next generation of world changers. Their inside out approach to personal change will inspire readers to cultivate a growth mindset essential for success in life.

Chairman & CEO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.



In today’s world, there is a lot of emphasis put on education, but most of it is math, language and science. It seems that some of the practical things an aspiring adult needs to know like how to create a personal budget, interview for a job, or even taking out a loan to buy a car are left to the “learn as you go” education model. Josh Burnette is out to change that with this fantastic and insightful new book “Adulting 101”. Josh has taken lessons from his own life, along with what he has been teaching his employees trying to navigate high school and beyond and boiled them down for everyone entering adulthood. It is a great book and a useful resource for anyone trying to figure out some of the basics of being on their own. 

Former Governor of Arkansas